“For With God, Nothing Shall Be Impossible”

Mission Statement:

“The Academy of International Dental Education contends and aspires to be Canada’s capital of quality dental training and education for candidates preparing for the North American Dental Board Examinations”

Vision & Goal:

“To accomplish consistent positive results, to develop a strong willed and confident attitude for a candidate, to create complete awareness and understanding of the examination process and to build a company of lifelong friendship”


“What You Are 5 Years From Now Is Determined By The Books You Read And The People You Associate With”

Dr. Joshua Shieh BDS.,MDS

Program Director & Clinical Instructor


Dr.Joshua Shieh is a third generation dentist and comes from a heritage of more than 80 years of dentistry in his family. A periodontist from South India`s acclaimed Meenakshi Ammal Dental College, Chennai has his roots deeply planted in clinical dentistry for the past 10 years. 2 time winner¬†of the Dr. Pratap Reddy`s Award for the Most Deserving Student from Don Bosco Higher Secondary School and recipient of the International College of Dentists “Student Plaque Award” for the Most Outstanding Student during undergraduate training at Meenakshi Ammal Dental College,Chennai. With sincere interests in Clinical Implantology and Tissue Regeneration, has a keen following in advanced technology based on material science and evidence based dentistry. Passion drives his enthusiasm towards academic teaching, with the dedication and love for sharing and the commitment for progressive mutual improvement. A sanguine by nature with recreation en route to singing, innovative think tanking and motivation for young adults, devotes and contributes everyday`s struggle towards making small changes to the world for a better place.

Currently a clinical instructor at the Dept of Oral Rehabilitation, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.

Dr.Meera R Shieh BDS.,MDS

Program Director and Co-Ordinator

A perfect melancholy with a devotion towards academic teaching, a certified gold medalist securing the highest score in the subject of orthodontics at Meenakshi Ammal Dental College, Chennai, India is known for her passion and commitment towards paediatric and surgical orthodontics. Career and life partner with Dr Joshua for the past 13 years have progressed together in various fields of clinical, academic and research in dentistry. A profound foundation in her heritage of tradition and custom has had more than 10 years of classical singing, mural art painting, dance in the subject of “Bharathanatiyam” and is acknowledged in high school and college for her leadership skills. Well balanced with the same principles and virtues strive everyday to work making the world a better place.