Objective Structured and Clinical Examination

The “Final Victory Lap” for the equivalency process is the Written and OSCE examinations. The 2 day exam is structured in a manner similar to the AFK and ACJ. Candidates are to review the past released questions of the AFK and will appear for the same structured examination consisting of 300 multiple choice questions.The OSCE is a test of fundamental knowledge amalgamated with clinical judgement where the candidate is expected to bring about diagnosis and treatment planning of simulated patient records with models, prosthesis (cast partial dentures, crowns) and radiographs which also includes the ability of the clinician to write pharmacological prescriptions as per the Canadian requirements. A test consisting of 50 questions, time bound at 5 mins per station will be required to complete all 25 stations within 2 hours approximately.

The Academy of International Dental Education will equip candidates with necessary information and tools for the appropriate guidelines prescribed by the board examiners towards taking the examination.