• Dr.Ludmilla CiucciIt’s hard to describe a wonderful person like Dr. Joshua Shieh; moreover, is hard to find the right words to talk about you, anything that I speak will not be enough to tell how important you were for me to conquer my approval in ACS. My gratitude and deep appreciation, are not only by your teachings, but by your moral and unconditional support . Thank you for the extra hours spent with us , thank you for taking us to our high limits, thank you for making me believe in myself in difficult times . Thank you for coming every time with a smile that inspired us even after 10 hours of training. His positive attitude it will influence for life. I highly recommend AIDE training centre for anyone who is interested in the Canadian dental exams.  – Dr.Ludmilla Ciucci (Successfully passed ACS in June 2016)      
  • I studied AFK with Dr. Joshua, he was a very dedicated student and he was very helpful to all test1-150x150fellow colleagues. He would share all helpful information he comes to know generously with everyone. He completed his direct licensure process ahead of me and I became his student in ACS. Having instructed by Dr. Joshua, I managed to pass my skills with the help of almighty God from the first attempt. Dr. Joshua is very competent and knowledgeable in ACS training, he would explain each and every procedure step by step in a very simple  way. What distinguishes the Academy of International Dental Education is having to spend more one on one time with the instructor and having an assigned unit for each student throughout the training period. My appreciation to Dr. Joshua for everything.

    – Dr. Suha Wajdi (successfully passed ACS in first attempt)

  • I have known Dr Shieh since 2005 when he was pursuing his graduation in dentistry at Chennai, the same time I was doing my Masters in Prosthodontics. What impressed me at our first meeting was his energy and enthusiasm in whatever he was involved in. He is genuinely passionate about dentistry and right from those early days strived to excel in his chosen field. He displayed an enviable determination to reach the next level of mastery in his profession. He is very sincere, devoted and hardworking in any project he is involved in and is constantly brainstorming on how to improve what he does. Dr Joshua, time and again displayed characteristics which are rare to find in people in today’s times. He is selfless, imparts knowledge wholeheartedly and achieves genuine satisfaction when he sees his students excel. He spent a tremendous amount of time guiding me in my exercises for the ACS exam. He was very patient and encouraging when I faltered. He always has an approach that is clinically easily achieved yet fundamentally unchallengeable. He has an uncanny knack of simplifying a difficult task. I have had the privilege of being trained by the best of teachers and Dr Joshua is right at the top of that list. I am certain that he will play a huge role in realizing the dreams of many. My best wishes, admiration, and regards are always with him.

    – Dr Ashish Thomas Kunnekel (Currently enrolled  in University of Colorado, USA)

  • It is hard to describe a determined professional like Dr.Joshua Shieh. When I thought I was already reaching my limits or the peak of my practise during the preparation for the ACS, Dr. Shieh taught me that I could reach higher standards with small prompters that would make my exercises look 10 times better! When I wanted to give up, He was on my side giving me hope, encouragement and the right knowledge to keep going. It is hard to find someone who knows so much depth about the ACS exam like him. After clearing my ACS in my first attempt, I strongly recommend to everyone who wants to succeed in passing this hard exam, to be trained by this amazing professional.

    – Dr. Fabio Jacobovitz (successfully completed the direct licensure process in 1 year)

  • I cannot thank enough Dr.Joshua for his contribution towards the success of many students like me. He stayed late after his work hours to check our work and took enough time to explain how it can be improved. He never hesitated to share any resource that can help us to succeed. He made us work hard, researched about different university’s requirements, organized skills test according to the requirements and provided us the valuable knowledge that helped me to pass one of the toughest bench exams. I felt so confident while dealing with unexpected tasks during the bench exam, just because he made me aware of all them. His positive attitude and confidence in me helped me to stay motivated and confident. It’s a blessing to have Dr.Joshua as an instructor.

    – Dr. Simran Dhaliwal (currently enrolled at the University of Washington, USA)

  • I was fortunate enough to get guidance & step by step instructions from Dr Joshua during my clinical skills preparation for PLA bench test for the University of Western Ontario & University of British Coloumbia Pscychomotor Skills Exam. His invaluable guidance helped me at the UBC & UFT interviews.I thank him for his sincere efforts to teaching his students.

    – Dr.Rashpal Kaur (currently enrolled at the University of Toronto, Canada)

  • I have known Joshua for over a year now. When I registered for the AFK late last year, I was not sure how I would prepare for it, given the small timeframe. It was Joshua who encouraged me to put in my best efforts. I joined the AFK course at The Academy of International Dental Education and was amazed by the hard work, sincerity and commitment of our teachers. The classes and lectures are well- organized and intensive. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and their constant motivation kept us going on. Detailed notes, in- depth study material and relevant tips to answering questions are the highlights of the course. This definitely helped me to achieve a good score in the AFK. The Academy of International Dental Education is highly recommended for dentists who are seeking to re-qualify themselves.

    – Dr Susan D`Souza (currently enrolled at the University of Toronto, Canada)Scored 93% at the AFK

  •  I came across Dr. Joshua Shieh at a party and happen to exchange words with him regarding the written examination which was the only thing left for me to complete the NDEB equivalency process. Dr. Shieh completely understood my situation and invited me to join his AFK course so that I can brush up my knowledge. When I started attending the classes it felt awesome. The most amazing part of the course was that we got personal attention from the instructors and specifically Dr. Shieh. WhatsApp group was organized and everyone in the group did not hesitate to express their views and shared their knowledge. I was surprised with the kind of response I received from each and every member of the group and I was obliged to be a part of the study group. The atmosphere in the class was very positive which boosted me more to study and finish off with these examinations successfully. I highly recommend all the fellow dentists appearing for this examination to become a part of AIDE training centre

    – Dr.Kunjan Thakkar

  • When I started preparing for AFK I thought I could do it by myself but later it started getting difficult to judge how much to study , what to study ! I got to know about Dr. Joshua through a friend and some search on google and I’m really happy that I did join his classes . He is an amazing teacher , his way of teaching is incredible ! The lectures are to the point and detailed material to study which is exactly what u want for the exam . I developed a lot of confidence. He boosts you up every week and made sure we could study more and study smart . He actually works more hard than all the other students to make sure we get the right answer and references . I highly recommend AIDE training centre for anyone who is interested in the Canadian dental exams.

    – Dr. Pooja Sharma (Passed AFK/ACJ in First Attempt)

  • I got to know about AIDE through a friend of mine. At first I was skeptical about joining an online prep program for the AFK because I did not know how fast I would be able to understand being on skype. Once the classes began, I felt joining AIDE was one of the best decisions i have ever taken. Dr. Joshua’s way of teaching is fantastic. He went through exactly what we needed for the exam, with references and repetition. The classes made me motivated and confident for the exam. He addressed questions individually and it was very well organized. I highly recommend joining AIDE for everyone preparing for to practice in Canada.

    – Dr Tohina Mujoo

    • I attended AIDE for AFK , ACJ exam preparation . I was very impressed with his knowledge on all dental subjects and his explanation was always extremely indepth backed by reference materials that were supported by NDEB guidelines and curriculum. His mock examinations totally mirrored NDEB examination setup and prepared me psychologically to appear in exams with extreme confidence. His lectures for ACJ protocol and case history discussions were immensely helpful. Inspire of his busy schedule, he was always available to answer questions online or via email which I really appreciated. I highly recommend Dr. Joshua for anyone preparing for dental licensure in Canada.       – Dr Deepak Datta (Passed AFK/ACJ)
    • Dr Joshua and Dr Meera are great teachers and mentors. Not only are they knowledgeable but also very humble. They stressed the importance of reading the textbooks to score high in the exam. I have been fortunate to have Dr Joshua as a teacher and he has been a constant support system and guided us through the journey. He is extremely hard working and was always available for us students. Exams can be very stressful but he constantly boosted the students’ morale and has been a source of inspiration for many of us. ‘ Thank you’ is a very small word to express my gratitude to you Dr Joshua.                                      – Dr Komal Madhavi (Passed AFK with 89%)
    • Great Learning experience and excellent academic environment to learn some great clinical skills…..I took my ACS training from Dr. Joshua and i was successful to pass it on the first go….Huge thanks to Dr. Joshua and Dr. Meera for a great support they provided to me and to all the students at the centre…I remember Joshua coming to see our work and for any Demo we needed at any unschaduled time..He is so knowlegable about this exams and protocol and Meera was so supportive at the centre for any help we needed during practice sessions..Once again thanks a ton to both of u and all the very best for a bright bright future….I highly recommend this institute to people to enhance ur knowledge and skills. – Dr. Devang Rajpara (Passed ACS in First Attempt)
    • Thank you Dr Joshua and Dr Meera for constant support and guidance. AFK is an exam where one needs to be thorough with the concepts. It is a place where you are taught not only how to study but also how to crack this exam. The concept of reviewing books and study material before attempting the questions builds in self confidence and provides you with wider range of conceptualization. The study pattern followed at the center helps you to answer questions with the references. At the end, we know what is the question and how we need to answer.
      Above all, the tricks of how to crack this exam by Dr Joshua are a bonus to all.
      Thank you for everything.   Dr Priyanka Wadhawan (Passed AFK in Final Attempt) 
    • If Your thinking of Passing the AFK then you definitely need to Join. Very helpful and knowledgeable teachers.They will help you with all the concepts you need to know and not only concepts but everything related to how to pass the exam. They will prepare you very well to be ready to score high in the AFK.                                   – Dr Marc Amin (Passed AFK/ACJ In First Attempt)
    • Heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Joshua Shieh for not just guiding well in academics but being a great moral support too. It was a pleasure being a part of your group and felt enriched with the knowledge imparted. Thanks for raising our spirits with your motivational words and your experiences. Feel glad to express that you are not only a good academician but a good human being too. May you stay blessed in all your endeavours -Dr Prateek Kaushal (Passed AFK in Final Attempt)                                                                                                                                
    • Dr. Joshua Shieh has given us the necessary tools to prepare for the ACS with much success. His compassionate guidance and detailed instructions certainly paid off. The group brainstorming and evaluation of our work at the end of each day helped us learn from our mistakes and hone our knowledge and skills even further. Thank you Dr. Joshua for being a great mentor. -Dr. Romualdo Cuanang (successfully passed ACS in first attempt)
    • When it comes to good training Dr. Joshua is a class apart, I was fortunate enough to be one of his student for the ACS 2016 exam, he thought me everything from the scratch, made me understand and remember the protocol, gave tips which no other instructor can provide. He has a good insight of the NDEB exams. With extraordinary skill level and patience Dr.Joshua is the best instructor around. I never felt out of focus when I was training with him,he was there almost all the time during training to solve my problems. He was not alone in this process with Dr.Meera his team was complete. He showed great respect and affection to the candidates which no other center can provide.
      Moreover, we got 24 access to the center facilities and we could practice as long as we want, he didn’t cap us with time slab and his presence, even late at night, was of immense help. With God on one side and Dr Joshua on the other, I was successful in the skills exam.
      One of the best centers to prepare for all the NDEB exams. Thank you Dr Joshua and Dr Meera for your affectionate and honest training, without you I would have never made it.

      -Dr.Prakarsh Dwivedi

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